2017 Blog Summary

As i ever stated, i'll make statistic summary about countries that my blog reach on 2017. Some countries, i never expected because it's really unpredictable! Say, Serbia, Romania, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Ireland, Oman, Croatia, Jordan, Bostwana, Mauritius, Chile, Finland,... i can't stop typing the list, lol. I'm very glad these people stopping by on my blog, because many of these exotic countries are on my travel wish from so long! 

Featured post

Photo was taken on sunrise at Falajawa beach, Ternate island - North Moluccas of Indonesia on 2015. Equipped with patience and endurance, Anticipation can bring beautiful thing. *** via Daily Prompt : Anticipation

Featured post

[Kafe Panda] Explanation

One day, husband jokingly refers our kitchen as kafe panda (= panda's cafe) to describe how our kitchen operates : sometimes busy, sometimes quiet; in line with my mood, lol.

Cactus Mini Garden

I like cactus because of their unique appearance. Through their spikey texture, sometimes a beautiful flower blooming in vivid colors; things that you won't expected at first glance. So, i start my own cactus mini garden at home.

[Merangin Series] Flora’s Secret

While doing my assigned professional job, i've been secretly took photos of flowers and other plantations (and more!) that catched my eyes. When doing my job, i have to visit forests (some are deep & untouched), lakes, rivers, mountains, hills, and remote places, so... i think letting go of what i "catched" outside of my job's routine into waste is such a pity. Too many precious things... 🙂

Koh Rong Island, Spotless Beaches in Cambodia

Koh Rong is an island in Sihanoukville Province of Cambodia. It took around 40 minutes across the sea around Gulf of Thailand to go from Sihanoukville to the island using speed ferry. Koh Rong is a serene beauty. The popular reality show "SURVIVOR" has been filmed on Koh Rong several times.

Tahula Fort : Spain’s Remnant on Tidore Island of Indonesia and Its Stunning Ocean View

Tahula Fort is one of Spain's remnant in Indonesia from 16th century. Located on Soa Sio village, this fort is not far from Kedaton Tidore (= Sultan's Palace) and city center. From the entrance, you need to climb around 123 steepy steps to reach the fort. The view from top is worth it. In many places you'll see this kind of view from exclusive & expensive resort, while here you can enjoy it for free! From up above, you can see Soa Sio Cape, Soa Sio main road, and Halmahera Island across the ocean. Pssst, sunset view from this place also beautiful! Whenever solar eclipse happen around the region, this spot always become nice viewing-spot for researchers. 

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