[Merangin] Crystal Blue Lake Amidst Forest at Rural Jambi

In the middle of Sumatera island of Indonesia, there is a province called Jambi. Far into the thick forest of Merangin Regency, there is a hidden, unlisted on any map, mountain called Mt. Masurai. Above 2000 metres high, Mt. Masurai is covered with thick and humid rainforest, with a chance of leeches everywhere. Indonesia map; Jambi Province is... Continue Reading →

Thousand Islands of Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. It's full of traffics, crowds, and many unpleasant things about metropolitan city. But, a lil' bit far away, still under the governance of Jakarta province, there is a place called Thousand Islands Regency (Kabupaten Kepulauan Seribu). Like its name, the regency consist of many islands, all serves calmer... Continue Reading →

Road Trip to Kundasang, The Countryside

After spending one day in Kota Kinabalu, we continue our trip towards Kundasang. Because no public transportation available to our destinations, we decided to rent a car. We do some searchings on the internet and we found one company that looks reliable. And, it does. You can contact the driver here : Pak Nas (+60) 149513800 Our... Continue Reading →

About Us

We're couple from Indonesia, happily married on 2016. This is our travel journal. Our type of travelling is backpackers / budget travellers. We arrange everything by ourselves: documents, destinations, tickets, itinerary, lodging, transportation, just... everything. I enjoy all of the process (read: fuss), though. It also makes me independent, to not rely too much on... Continue Reading →

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