About Us

We’re couple from Indonesia, happily married on 2016.

This is our travel journal. Our type of travelling is backpackers / budget travellers. We save little money everyday until it’s enough for the next trip. It’s kind of fun, you know, ‘the hope thing’.

We currently live on Java Island, specifically Bandung city.

Me, the Panda, come from Sumatera Island, the west part. My hometown is dominated by people of Minangkabau tribes. My husband, the Bear, was born as mixture of many cultures in Indonesia : North Sulawesi, North Sumatera, Java and some Arabs genes. It’s funny, relatives from his father tend to look like Portuegese people, and relatives from his mother tends to look like Arabs people. But they can’t trace the source line anymore. Maybe because the mixture marriage on their families happens a gazillion time ago. But my husband himself looks very Arabic, lol.

Above all, we comitted to explore the world together.

……. To see another side of God’s creation. To be more thankful for the life we are given. To be strangers on this world…….

When we dig informations through internet regarding our next travel destinations, we realized that any info will be useful for travellers.

So we think, why don’t we share our experiences too? Maybe it will help you, reader of this blog, in some ways too.

Have fun, keep saving and sharing!

We can’t wait to read your travel stories too!


Warm Regards,



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  1. Congratulations and blessings on your marriage. We are so excited you stopped by our site so we could find yours. It is going to be joy seeing your world through your eyes and words. So far away a place but yet it will become near as you share.

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