About Us

We’re couple from Indonesia, happily married on 2016.

This is our travel journal. Our type of travelling is backpackers / budget travellers. We arrange everything by ourselves: documents, destinations, tickets, itinerary, lodging, transportation, just… everything.

I enjoy all of the process (read: fuss), though. It also makes me independent, to not rely too much on people. It’s our trip, and it’s our adventure! ๐Ÿ˜‰

But, relax. Joining travel group is okay too if it’s your preference. I’m not judging.

As for us, arranging a trip to unexpected far away places is bringing so much fun. You can arrange the budget to whatever you like. Also, the timeline, the pace, the walk, the destinations, and EVERYTHING to your preferences. Just need an extra time to collect informations and think. Well, planning a budget trip will exercise your brain to be smarter, i think, lol. Because you have to make it work somehow with limitations you face. So yeah, it’s good for brain, refreshing the soul, bringing joy to your life, what else?

Our Hometown 

Where is Indonesia on World Map?

Me, the Panda, come from West Sumatera of Indonesia, while my husband, the Bear, is a Jakarta guy (–> capital city of Indonesia). Here in Indonesia, we come from many different local tribes because Indonesia is so much varied in cultures. I come from Minangkabau tribe. While my husband is a mixture of some tribes, which are originated from North Sulawesi, North Sumatera, Java, also probably a bit of Portuguese and a bit of Arabic gene (well, our future kids will have even more various ancestor sources then, lol).

So, right now we live on Java Island, in Bandung city. It’s one of cold place in Indonesia because surrounded by mountains and hills.

Together, we commit to explore the world in fun ways ๐Ÿ™‚

To see another side of this world and cherish another God’s creation…

To be more thankful for this life we had…

To be strangers on this world… 

When we dig informations through internet regarding our next travel destinations, we realized that any informations will be useful for travellers.

So we think, why don’t we share our experiences too? Maybe it will help you, reader of this blog, in some ways…

Also, we can’t wait to read your travel stories too, guys!

Have fun, keep saving and sharing!

Warm Regards.

Youtube Channel : Panda Bear Journey

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  1. Congratulations and blessings on your marriage. We are so excited you stopped by our site so we could find yours. It is going to be joy seeing your world through your eyes and words. So far away a place but yet it will become near as you share.

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