Road Trip to Kundasang, The Countryside

After spending one day in Kota Kinabalu, we continue our trip towards Kundasang. Because no public transportation available to our destinations, we decided to rent a car. We do some searchings on the internet and we found one company that looks reliable. And, it does. You can contact the driver here : Pak Nas (+60) 149513800

Our main destination is Cattle Village, which people say is New Zealand-like place. The journey was 3-4 hours long (hence 6-8 hours way and round). We stop at some places along the way (yeah, one of benefits to rent a car is you can stop anywhere). Here are our stops on the road trip to Kundasang :

1. Upside Down House

Listed in Malaysia Guiness Book of Record, this place become the first upside down house in the country. The house represents Bajau’s tribe house, the second largest tribe in Sabah. They attach the story to the house, like : “A family live here. They consist of Bajau father, Sino-Kadazan (mix of Chinese and Kadazan) mother, 9 years old children… and so on…” that more like symbol of diversity and peace in the region. Being lead by a guide, visitor enter the house in group. The guide will tell story as visitor come into rooms. There are living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, veranda, etc just like normal house. Except, every furniture is placed upside down. It’s above your head! No touching allowed, no camera also. If you want to take photo, take it outside. They provide some nice spots for taking pics. If you have more time, you can visit the 3-D museum located in the same area. img_20160403_102726


2. Gerai Pekan Nabalu

It’s a traditional market. We stop here to buy some fruits, like bananas, to eat on the road. In the back of the stalls, there is a nice view of mountains and valley.


3. Kinabalu Park

If you like hiking, this is a must visit place. Hiking through Kinabalu park will lead you to the top of Mount Kinabalu (4095 mdpl), the fifth highest mountain in Southeast Asia. The park itself is one of World Heritage Site by UNESCO since December 2000.



4. Kundasang War Memorial

This place is a war remnant. It’s not that worthy of visit if it’s your only destination. But if you make it there while passing by to other destination, yea, it’s okay.


5. Cattle Village

Finally, this is the main menu! Fresh breeze welcoming us as we come to the area. It’s a large area, very large, with greeny grass everywhere. Cows feast theirselves with many treats. And, see those mountains with beautiful strips in the background. It’s New Zealand-like landscape, indeed. To see more of this beauty, see our next post, it’s specially talking about Cattle Village.



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