Vietnam’s Fairy Tale Architecture : The Crazy House (Hang Nga)

Hang Nga guesthouse is a piece of artwork that really surpasses the limit of people’s imagination. Designed by Vietnamese architect and impressionist Dang Viet Nga, this extraordinary building of non-rectilinear shapes has appeared in many international architectural journals and finally made its way to the list of the world’s ten most creative buildings. (VietnamOnline) A... Continue Reading →

Mediterranean Taste at Bandung City, Indonesia

So, one day we decided to try a Mediterranean restaurant called Gaza around our house in Indonesia. Full address : 72 Pahlawan Street, Bandung - Indonesia. Phone : +6222-7219361 (we aren't paid for advertising whatsoever) This place is quite well-known by foreigner/tourist who want to taste Middle-East foods in Bandung. When we were there, a lot of... Continue Reading →

Photo Challenge : Mystical

Photo was taken at the shore of Falajawa Beach, Ternate island - North Moluccas of  Indonesia on 2015. That brief moment of mystical grey and blue after a sudden rain on one afternoon. ***   via Daily Prompt: Mystical

Photo was taken on sunrise at Falajawa beach, Ternate island - North Moluccas of Indonesia on 2015. Equipped with patience and endurance, Anticipation can bring beautiful thing. *** via Daily Prompt : Anticipation

Mui Ne : Saharaesque Vietnam

Mũi Né is a town located on Binh Thuan Province, southeast Vietnam. It lays along the South China Sea shore with steady wind conditions, which make it a top destination for windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing and other water sports. We were in Mui Ne for 2 nights; one short afternoon, one full day, and one short... Continue Reading →

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