Mediterranean Taste at Bandung City, Indonesia

So, one day we decided to try a Mediterranean restaurant called Gaza around our house in Indonesia.

Full address : 72 Pahlawan Street, Bandung – Indonesia. Phone : +6222-7219361

(we aren’t paid for advertising whatsoever)

This place is quite well-known by foreigner/tourist who want to taste Middle-East foods in Bandung. When we were there, a lot of foreigner groups come to eat. Although, actually there are some other restaurants which are more famous, such as Kambing Kairo, etc.

Here are the foods we tried!



Savory Turkish pastry, made of thin flaky dough filled with cheese.   (Snack)

Price : Rp 24900

Ruzz Mandi Kharouf (lamb)

Delectable juicy lamb/chicken stem cooked with seasoned tomato paste basmatic rice in tandoor, known as national dish of Gulf States.   (Main course)

Price : Rp 77800 

Koffa Tavuk (chicken)

Grilled Moroccan minced lamb/chicken mixed with aromatic fresh herbs accompanied with pita bread and tasteful garlic sauces.   (Main course)

Price : Rp 59900

Koffa Tavuk. The serving visual is  unique!

Chai Haleeb (cold)

Gulf states favorite beverage, the combination of milk and tea with exotic spices. Can be served hot/cold.   (Traditional beverages)

Price : Rp 18900

Sparkling Grape

A light and non-alcoholic traditionally brewed, delicious fruity taste of grapes.(Beverages)

Price : Rp 18900


Italian frozen dessert made from fresh fruit. Varians : watermelon, pineapple, soursop, strawberry.   (Dessert) 

Price : Rp 19000

Sorbet strawberry.

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