A Walk Into Pine Woods : North Bandung Serenity

One Saturday morning, we visited one of the most talked-about place in Bandung : Puncak Bintang (The Stars Peak, in English). The area itself is actually a forest of pine trees, located at > 1900 meter above sea level.

Cool breeze welcoming us as we arrived in the area. There was no special gate to enter. The real entrance is inside. Puncak Bintang is managed by Perum Perhutani of Indonesia.


Left : The humble entrance; Right : After entering, the pathway is better.

After entering the humble entrance, we found a better pathway made from paving blocks. There are flowers on the right sideway. Many plantation fields owned by locals looked beautiful from afar. The star-shaped object is the symbol that represent the name of this place : Puncak Bintang (The Stars Peak, in English).


The view on our right side as we walked to the forest

For entering the forest, you have to buy the ticket at the counter. Don’t worry, it’s very cheap. They need it to maintain the place.

There is a sign direction to assist visitors where to go as soon as they arrived at the forest. We chose the right direction first (because the area is more narrow), after that we will explore the left side until the end.


Eventhough we chose to go to the right first, the near left side tempted us with its foggy misterious scenery. So, we took some photos first. Fogs come and forth, depends on the wind. The earlier you come, the higher the chance to get foggy forest background.

img_20160522_102534Perfect foggy forest background at 9 am

Well, now let’s go to the right.


The right side area of the sign

The signature point of the right side is the upper platform of the stairs where you can see the whole view from up above. It is marked with the big star-shaped object. Yes, the one that we saw from the entrance before. That small star looked from afar that we mentioned as the symbol of the place. Quite far, huh? Have i said it yet, that you should wear comfortable shoes when coming here? There will be a lot of walking.


Left : Stairs to the upper platform; Right : Looking at the pine trees tips from above


Still the view from up above. Fields of local plantations.

After a while, we came to the left side of the sign direction. The fog was gone. Good thing we’ve already capture the moment when it was there.


The signature of left side area is the pine forest itself. It’s a very long pathway. The further we go, the more dense the trees were. Also, the calmer the situation was. Somehow the trees made the area become sound-proof.


The further we went inside the forest, the more mysterious it gets 


Walking into the deep will make you tired. The path looked flat, but actually it’s inclined. More and more with each step.

There are some benches on some spots along the way. But the distance from one bench to another bench quite far. They should provide more benches, though.

Beside the star-shaped object we talked earlier, there is another star object at the very peak of the area. At the peak there is also a signboard showing the place’s name, along with the height of the area from above sea surface.


From the top, we sat while enjoying the beautiful view from above.


Local husband and wife working on their field

The cool breeze greet us again. We will remember that serene moment forever. It was a refreshing trip.


Bonus pictures


  1. Wear comfortable shoes
  2. Wear sweater or warm clothes
  3. Prepare your feet 🙂


Puncak Bintang is located at North Bandung, specifically at Kampung Buntis Bongkor, Kecamatan Cimenyan, Kabupaten Bandung. It is 30 minutes from Bandung City. When heading there, you’re gonna pass Saung Angklung Udjo-Caringin Tilu-and Bukit Moko (Moko Hill). It’s then about 200 meter from Bukit Moko. There is no public transport passing this place. You either have to drive by yourself, rent a car, rent a motorbike, or simply take the cab. If you access the place from Terminal Cicaheum, the distance is about 8,5 kilometer.

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