Da Lat Flower Park in Full Bloom

We were in Da Lat on September. At that time, the flowers were in full bloom. Well, actually in southeast Asia countries, the blooming season not that difficult to wait. Mostly, weather on this region only divided into two; summer and rainy.

After buying tickets at the front counter, we excitingly explore the area. The first thing catched by our eyes was obviously the majestic gate made of grass and flowers. The title Welcome to Flower Park was written in Vietnamese on the outside and in English on the inside of the park.

The close-up profile of the gate was even more beautiful. It’s in full bloom of red, pink, yellow, and white flowers plus green from the grass.

This photo is taken by AllWinner's v3-sdv

A lot of spots looked like they jumped out from fairy tale’s story books. Very instagramable, or in another words very picturesque.

There are many species of flowers being planted here. Other than flower fields, they also place another decorations, such as wooden huts, flower aisle, carriages, etc.

The flower fields itself are built in many shapes: sphere, oval, curvature, etc. There are also fountains and interesting animal figures.

Spacious area of greenies will feast your eyes. Very refreshing. Moreover, at the time we visit, not many people around… so we can enjoy the park by ourselves.

There is guidance board about another Da Lat’s attraction on the exit gate, also with emergency telephone number.

Exploring Da Lat wide flower park is fun, but surely will make you thirst. Chill for a while at the cafe located in the area. It serves caffe (coffee) and tra (tea) authentic of Da Lat. For the coffee, Vietnamese people like it cold. As for tea, their favorite is arthicoke tea. It can be your choice of souvenirs.


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