Stalking Dolphins at Kiluan Bay, Lampung

Lampung is a province in Indonesia; the southest on Sumatera island. The Kiluan Bay (Teluk Kiluan, in Indonesia language) itself located on the tip of the province.


The place is rather isolated, it’s quite a lo~~ng journey. As i lived in Bandung city, which is located on Java island, i have to cross Sunda straits to reach Sumatera island first. Here’s my routes :

Terminal Leuwi Panjang (Bandung city) – Pelabuhan Merak (Banten city) >>> by bus, 5 hours.

Pelabuhan Merak (Banten city) – Pelabuhan Bakauheuni (Lampung city) >>> by ferry, 1.5 hours.

Pelabuhan Bakauheuni – Dermaga Canti Kalianda >>> by car, 30 minutes. 

Dermaga Canti Kalianda – Teluk Kiluan >>> by boat, 4 hours.


As you can see on the map, Kiluan Bay is surrounded by many tiny islands. At least there are 3 islands which are famous for visiting. They are Umang besar island, Kelapa island, and Legundi island. They’re all uninhabited!

Umang Besar island is famous for its beautiful snorkeling spot. Its turqoise water is so clear that you can see atols spreading beneath the water. There are also a lot of fishes inside. Very enjoyable to watch while doing snorkeling!



Kelapa island is remarked with its very soft white sands. There are sand, sand, and sand only beneath the water so it’s very likeable to play at. Either sitting on or laying your body on, it’s very safe. Don’t need to worry about hurting by atols, rocks, etc. Btw, bruised by atols is very painful, especially if after that you keep on swimming in salt seawater (T_T)



Legundi island is offering a nice view of blue and green. It’s famous for snorkeling spots too.


On the way of island hopping, we catched some fishes to be grilled later at night.



First thing in the morning, we explore the island where our homestay at. We cancelled the plan to go to Lagoon because the weather was not good. The destination objects was slippery and dangerous when rain comes.


This uninhabited island is a real beauty. It’s no crowd, the water is very clear, the sand is soft, and there are various shapes of shells on the sand.



Around 9 am, we prepared to go chasing the dolphins. By chasing i mean seeing, not hunting to kill.

The sky still cloudy, but we kept moving on.

We keep moving further to the open seas. The wave became wilder because it’s close and directly leads to Indian Ocean. Moreover, the weather wasn’t too good. I was frightened and keep thinking that the moment was much alike the scene from Pirates of Carribean where Captain Sparrow have to survive big storms in the black pearl, lol.

Making it worse, the rain began to fall, still lightly. There was still no sign of the dolphins appearing. We were dissapointed… but we have to go back because local man operating the boat said that heavy rain are soon to come.

Just the moment the fisherman prepared to turn the boat direction, there was jumps from afar. The dolphins!!! We watched them heading towards our boat by movement of their fins on water surface. Once in a while, they jumped.

My awe moment was when i saw more than 10 dolphins jumped all together! It was very moving.

I recorded the video all along, so no photo capture of that moment. The photos of dolphins below i get by capturing from video, so it’s a lil’ bit blurry. But you get the point 😉


We were very lucky to not coming home with empty dolphins moment. It’s happening though in some cases, where people can not see the cuties at all.

It’s all about the right timing of the day and the weather effect to find them, with a lil’ sprinkle of luck 😉

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