Chilling at Da Lat Town Square & The Only Supermarket in Town


It was full moon. People of Da Lat were celebrating at town square until late at night, even the children.

We have no clue whether they were in school tomorrow or not, but in the area still a lot of children having fun with their parents, it was late at night (11 pm) and it was weekday…

Da Lat Town Square is also known as Lam Vien Square. It is around Xuan Huong Lake.

Lam Vien Square is wide, it’s a great place to relax, either at afternoon or at night. But it’s quite cold at night that even people use heater inside their cars instead of air conditioner.

A lot of people gathered at town square


#   There were Barongsai attractions on the square because it was full moon night.

#   Many street foods on the area.

#   Mini electric cars, also roller skates, ready for rental for kids.

Xuan Huong Lake has an area of 32 ha and the average depth of 1.5m. It is located on an elevation of 1.478m above sea level and it is considered as the heart of Dalat.

Xuan Huong Lake at night


On the side of Xuan Huong Lake, there are minivans full of lights. They sell pizza.

Okay, it’s Vietnam kind of food trucks.

There were a lot of youngster ‘hangout’ at that place.

This photo is taken by AllWinner's v3-sdv

The big yellow lotus building on the left is coffee shop. The green flower building on the right is Big C Supermarket; its entrance is in the bottom around the crowd.

As the only supermarket in town, plus located at the town square, Big C Supermarket always full of crowd. It also the good place to find souvenirs to be brought back home.

There are various kind of Vietnam’s coffee here, also artichoke tea as the authentic tra (= tea) of Da Lat. Various kind of fruit sweets can be a good choice too. We bought mulberry and strawberry variants.

Though, another best choice is to find homemade grinding coffee made by locals.

No preservatives or any other additives such as what they add in coffee sachets. We bought these homemade coffee from our guesthouse owner, who have their own coffee plantation in the suburb.

Big C Supermarket

Upon entering the supermarket, our bag zipper was tied by female employee.Without saying a word! It was a strange experience. I mean,she didn’t say a thing, so we have no idea that she will tied the bag. We even haven’t took the wallet out! How can we pay?? It’s very uncomfortable experience. In the end, we protested to security (another person)  because we need to take the wallet out first.


Funny, we found that some products being sold at the supermarket were familiar to us. They are Indonesian products! Or, products that are also being sold in Indonesia.

That legendary (fried noodles) Indomie Goreng Rendang and Indomie Goreng Iga Penyet 🙂 It was 4200 VND (= 2500 Rupiah); in Indonesia the price is 1500 Rupiah. Not too much difference.

The Kopiko coffee candy with Halal Logo from MUI (halal certification of Indonesia). The Pillows snack, Nabati, Wonder Wheat (= Roti Gandum in Indonesia), coffee sachets, etc.

The last, we want to share the pictures of this bottle.


No, we don’t drink alcohol. We just found this funny because the brand name is “Malesan”. In Indonesia, Malesan means being lazy.

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