Photo Challenge : Solitude

Photo was taken at Doi Cat Trang (White Sand Dunes), Mui Ne, Vietnam on 2016. 

It was a gentle morning.


As much as I like having many friends, I also like being in solitude. Hanging around with myself, spending time with my own thoughts, having conversation with myself, contemplating; they nourished the soul. I build my own world, my own bubbles, my own garden inside my mind so I don’t need anyone else to be happy; for I have my own paradise in my heart.

Like everything else, solitude have two faces too. The enjoyable one and the horrible one. I have experienced solitude’s worst shade too. The one that suffocating: squeezing the oxygen around you, narrowing the walls until a room turn into your body size only. It’s a limbo. A world where no single sound can be heard, no other thing exist except you and the shade. Making it worse, in that very unbearable silent, you’re out of breath. At all.

But, I’ve finally found a way to make that worst shade of solitude become bearable : by putting my Rabb inside of it. Yes, Allah alone is enough to make huge difference. He is that Great. Allah, The Lord of Heaven and Earth; and i do not associate my Lord with anything else. Allah loves human-being 70 times greater than a mother love her child. Can you imagine a love 70 time greater than a mother’s love? Allah will never abandoned you as long as you never let go. Even if you let go first and repeatedly disobeyed Him, He will forgive you as long as you repent. Allah is The Most Forgiving of All. He will never dissapointed you. Allah is the Most Loving; the Greatest Love of All. He is my True Love. And so, in that limbo… I’m having the most beautiful love story I’ve ever had. With Allah : my Rabb, my Lord, my Only Guardian.

As much as I like having many friends, that’s why I still like being in solitude. Because without noise from people and dust from everyday life, I can have a more intimate conversation with my Rabb; it gives me a very content feeling. That’s how I know, Allah is the Best Companion ever.

“I probably still haven’t completely adapted to the world. I don’t know, I feel like this isn’t the real world. The people, the scene: they just don’t seem real to me.”

– Haruki Murakami

via Photo Challenge: Solitude

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