[Souvenir] Pol-vo-ron, Shortbread from Philippines

We got these delicious snacks from my sister who came back home after finishing her student exchange program in Philippines. Polvoron is Philippine's shortbread cookies, that was derived from Spain culture. Yes, Philipines is one of Spain's colonies, together with other Latin America countries. In Spain itself Polvoron was originally introduced by Arabs when they lead a... Continue Reading →

[Souvenir] Turkish Delight a.k.a Loqum

Turkish Delight (TD) is traditional dessert from Turkiye. We got the dessert as a gift from relative who come back from that country. The variant we got is : Cifte Kavrulmus Duble Fistikli Lokum Double Roasted Pistachio Rich Turkish Delight Locals called TD as Loqum. The shape is dice-like, with glutinous texture like jelly. The taste is sweet... Continue Reading →

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