[Souvenir] Pol-vo-ron, Shortbread from Philippines

IMG-20170330-WA0005 edit
Choco-Covered Polvoron

We got these delicious snacks from my sister who came back home after finishing her student exchange program in Philippines.

Polvoron is Philippine’s shortbread cookies, that was derived from Spain culture. Yes, Philipines is one of Spain’s colonies, together with other Latin America countries. In Spain itself Polvoron was originally introduced by Arabs when they lead a very big kingdom of Andalusia, which last until 8 centuries (800 years) in Spain.

Polvoron is Spanish word for powder or dust. It is heavy, yet soft (melted in your tongue) and very crumbly cookies. The texture is similar with Sagun cookies from my country, Indonesia. Except, it’s from Sagu (rice/corn substitution), but Polvoron isn’t.

IMG-20170330-WA0001-1 edit
Texture of Polvoron

While it’s being common as ice cream flavors in Cuba, most of all polvorons are cookies. It is made from mixture of powdered milk, toasted flour, and butter or margarine, which are left dry. There are many variants of polvoron, such as kasuy (cashew nut), pinipig (crisped rice), malunggay leavesstrawberry, ube (purple yam), and peanut. The most modern one also includes chocolate-coated (picture above) and cookies ‘n cream (picture below) variants.

IMG-20170330-WA0011 edit
Cookies ‘n Cream Polvoron

Other than butter/margarine, some uses cow fat, vegetables oil, olive oil; also pig fat or lard. So, be careful to check the halal logo on the package if it’s important to you.

IMG-20170330-WA0004 edit
Small packages inside the boxes; perfect for souvenirs!

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