[Souvenir] Harry Potter Things from Universal Studios Japan

983933_10155143639769350_8379099372382412796_n edit

If you or your friends fans of Harry Potter series, all of their ‘magical’ things can be your choice of souvenirs!

I got these from one of my close friend who go travelling to Japan and Korea.

The left one is Hermione Granger Time Turner Necklace.

Remember when she used it to ‘cheat’ on her crowded class schedules? I’ll bring some pics to tick your memory.

The famous scene from Harry Potter 3 : Prisoner of Azkaban
17759701_10155143745359350_6182235601105635386_n edit
Close-up view of souvenir from my friend (add some golden chains and you’re set!)

The right one is Key Chain of Gryffindor.

As you know, there are 4 dormitory of Hogwarts : Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. Which one is your favorite? 😉


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