What’s Inside The Sleeper Bus?

This photo is taken by AllWinner's v3-sdv

We took sleeper bus from Ho Chi Minh City to go to Mui Ne. Upon entering the bus door, we were asked to take off the shoes because bus floor was covered with carpet. The driver gave plastic to wrap our shoes so we can bring it with us conveniently.

There are 3 rows of bed-seats, with 2 aisles to walk. Not too big, but yeah it’s still okay for our size. The ticketing man who brought us from ticket stall near Da Tam Street to the pool told us to place bed-seat in the back. First, I feel annoyed. Why it must be in the back?? Can’t I choose my seat by my own??

While being annoyed, we tried the seat. It’s the backmost seat on the bus, right beside the right window. My husband took the seat on my left, so his long feet can be stretched more conveniently. After seeing around for a while, we thought… that is the best position in the bus. We can slip our carry-on bag in the space between us, while it’s not possible if we stay on another seat, which are all single. Moreover, when we lay our body on the bed-seat we can have a more comfortable rest because nobody will pass over and over on the aisle at our side. So, we keep the place.


Journey to Mui Ne took 5 hours. We took the bus at 11 am, but we arrived nearly at 5 pm. It’s a bit late than schedule. Your option only using usual bus or sleeper bus. No other way to reach Mui Ne. For sleeper bus, the ticket is $18.00. Maximum passengers on the bus is 40 persons.  

There are some bus companies you can choose, like Sinh Tourist, Phuong Trang (Futa), Tam Hanh, etc. I think we took the Futa at that time. No special reason. We just asking for help from the guesthouse owner to book it, and she gave us this bus ticket.

Though, most of those buses can be reached easily from backpacker area like De Tham Street or Pham Ngu Lao Street. You can always asked your guesthouse owner to help booking it for you.     More info about the sleeper bus

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