Belitong Island : The Hidden Paradise

Bangka & Belitung (BaBel) Island is one of the newest province in Indonesia. It’s a part of Palembang before city expansion. The location is on east coast of Sumatera Island. It lays between Gaspar Strait and Karimata Strait. Now that these islands have their own government, they are divided into several districts / regencies (= Kabupaten, in Bahasa).

  1. Bangka
  2. Bangka Barat
  3. Bangka Tengah
  4. Bangka Selatan
  5. Belitung

  6. Belitung Timur

  7. Pangkalpinang

Our focus is on Belitung (the capital is Tanjung Pandan) and Belitung Timur (the capital is Manggar).

Belitung is called Belitong by local people. It came from the word Billiton which means sea slug (I don’t know from which language it is).

There are a lot of beautiful beaches in Belitong Island. Characteristics of those beaches are having smooth white sand, with giant granites spreading all over the beach. I’ll discuss about the most famous beaches often visited here; but it’s actually (always) more of them.

1. Pantai (= beach) Tanjung Tinggi 

Pantai Tj. Tinggi 1

Pantai Tanjung Tinggi is one of the place where phenomenal film, Laskar Pelangi, that adapted from famous novel with the same title was shooted. The trilogy novel were written by Andrea Hirata, an Indonesian writer, and have been published abroad Indonesia too with international title : The Rainbow Troops. A local museum was built to symbolize the phenomenal Andrea Hirata, see more here on my other post : Museum Kata Andrea Hirata. The beach has unique view where there are lots of granites come out from the water. Granites take form in any shape and form.

2. Pantai Tanjung Kelayang

Combine 1

Pantai Tanjung Kelayang is another set for Laskar Pelangi film. The sand is white, the sea water is clear greenish blue. The wave is relatively calm. A nice place to chill out from the buzz.


3. Pantai Serdang

Pantai Serdang 1

Pantai Serdang 3

Pantai Serdang is directly facing to South China Sea, it makes the waves here is bigger than other beaches on the island that relatively calm. There are a lot of high sea pines along the shore. When the wind blows the pines create certain sound. Pantai Serdang is located at Manggar, that also known as city of 1001 Warung Kopi (= Coffee Shop). It is 75 km (70 mins) from HAS Hananjoedin Airport.

4. Pantai Pasir

Pantai Pasir 1

Pantai Pasir 2

Pantai Pasir is a small long island (about half of football field) in the middle of the ocean. Being there is like being stranded in the middle of nowhere with only some white sand on your feet. This place can only be visited when the sea water is receded, starting from 3 pm. Since this is the ocean in the meantime, there are a lot of starfish stranded here when the water is down. You can take this small friend to get some photos! But be careful, starfish can not stand more than 5 minutes outside the water.

5. Pulau (= island) Lengkuas

Near the island, before you landed, is the perfect place for snorkeling. It’s not too deep, the water is clear, and underwater scenery is nice.


Pulau Lengkuas is identic with the old lighthouse built by Holland colonial on 1882. It’s 65 meter in height and still functional. Prepare your feet, it’s 18 floors and 313 steps! Quite exhausting. No lift there, lol. But, you can take rest on each floor while looking outside through window. So, you can see the scenery from each different level.


The water is very clear. The sand is white. Being here will make you forget about time and everything else!


But the best one is a glance from the top. The clear water makes it visible to see what’s beneath the water, even from the top! The color is harmonious green, blue, and the mixture.

View from the top of lighthouse
View from the top of lighthouse

There are other destinations to visit when you are in Belitong. Also, there are special foods you should try. I’ll discuss them on my next post. See ya!


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