[Souvenir] Freia Melkesjokolade, The Iconic Norwegian Milk Chocolate

Freia is a Norwegian famous brand for chocolate. The factory was established since 1889, the chocolates itself became famous since 1920 and then.

Some days ago, my father in law came back from Norway, where my brother in law live with his little family there. He is continuing his medical school there with scholarship. So, father brought us a lot of chocolatesss from that almost-forever-snow-country. Yay! 

Notice the bird sign on the chocolate’s surface

Freia is known as one of Norway’s best loved chocolatiers – their milk chocolate, Melkesjokolade, is loved across the country and is one of the things that instantly remind Norwegians of home, thanks to the delicious flavour and clever advertising. It is well-known that Freia chocolate is a little piece of Norway. Melkesjokolade has creamy and smooth textures. It’s delicious!

Besides Melkesjokolade, Freia also famous for Kvikk Lunsj. I’ll discussed about that later on the next post. Other than chocolates, Freia also sell candy and dessert products.



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