What To Do with Nearly Expired Bread?

Do you know that you can still safely use bread until 3 days after the written expired date? Moreover, if there is still no seen-fungii or no bad smell come from it, bread is still safe to be used until 1 week (7 days) after the expired date. While it’s definitely safe for your health, but on those days after the expired date the bread’s nutrition is decreasing. By the way, this information is valid for the label Expired Dates and Best Before, but not for Use By. The label Use By is more strict, immediately do not use food after that date.

One of the indicator you can see about the decreasing nutrition is on the moisture of the bread itself. The nearly expired bread will be hardened, not as soft as it was. Sometimes it’s a lil’ bit annoying to eat it that way with jams. I don’t know with you, but i like my bread soft when i eat it with butter and chocolate sprinkles.

So, on one fine day i looked at my nearly-expired whole-wheat bread, thinking of what i can do with it. After doing some random browsing, i decided to turn it into pizza. How? These are the steps :

How to make it

  1. Cut the bread so it forms a square hole on the middle. Save both of the sides.
  2. Spread butter/margarine on the edge. Put the hollow bread on a teflon, give some oils/butter/margarine on the middle. Fill it with any toppings you like. I used tomatoes (red), eggplant (purple), and (green) bellpepper to make it colorful. Let it cook for a while. After it turns browny, you can also add an egg or mozarella. For this time, i choose mozarella. Cut the mozarella into smaller pieces and spread it on the mixture.
  3. Let it melted a little, then cover it with the rest of bread from earlier. Push it a little so they’re being attached.
  4. Cook for a while. Then turn to another side. Don’t forget to spread the butter/margarine on this other side too so it doesn’t get burnt. Cook until it’s brown.

Voila, your “magic bread” is ready!

Looks tasty for nearly-expired bread, rite? ^_^ Yumm… Let’s eat!!!

Various toppings to explore
Closer looks!

Sooo, you want a bite? 😉




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