Mui Ne, Vietnam : From (failed) Grilled Prawn With Green Sauce To Self-Cooked Meals

We spent 2 nights at Mui Ne. Read more about places to visit in Mui Ne here. Well, Mui Ne is a small town near beach, 5 hours by bus from Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC). And, that's the only public transportation which'll bring you there : the bus. Yep, there isn't any airport at Mui Ne, letalone train. As we've said before, finding halal foods in small and rural places even more challenging than it is in big city. So, among all of places we visited at Vietnam (HCMC, Mui Ne, Da Lat)... eating at Mui Ne was the toughest.

Being Princess of Tidore Sultanate For a Day

Tidore Island is a part of North Molluccas (Maluku) Province on east region of Indonesia. It is ruled by Sultanate of Tidore, long before Indonesia is formed as legit nation. Sultanate is Islamic form of Kingdom; it is lead by a Sultan. One day, i had a chance to visit Tidore, so i made it to the palace. Very lucky, we were invited to come inside the palace! What it looks like?

Vermillion Sky

Dusk has coming. The sky was painted in orange, sweep by sweep, thicker on each after. Vermillion sky lit up the night, as if fire burning the horizon. Only, this one is much more pretty.  I stood outside of my second floor, mesmerized by the moment.

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