Mui Ne, Vietnam : From (failed) Grilled Prawn With Green Sauce To Self-Cooked Meals

First of all, when reading about posts under Halal Foods page, always refers to our previous : Halal Foods in a brief so you get the big pictures before reading something more specific.

We spent 2 nights at Mui Ne. Read more about places to visit in Mui Ne here. Well, Mui Ne is a small town near beach, 5 hours by bus from Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC). And, that’s the only public transportation which’ll bring you there : the bus. Yep, there isn’t any airport at Mui Ne, letalone train. As we’ve said before, finding halal foods in small and rural places even more challenging than it is in big city. So, among all of places we visited at Vietnam (HCMC, Mui Ne, Da Lat)… eating at Mui Ne was the toughest.

The 1st Dinner

We arrived at our lodging at Mui Ne around 5 pm. Heavy rain was pouring not long after that. Julia, our lodging owner offered some teas prior to our arrival… to heat the body, she said. Dinner time was coming soon. It’s a small town, dark at night, and heavy rain outside… so, where’s to eat? Well, Julia was trying to help by offering to make us some dinner… as she’ll make one for herself too. After telling her our concern about halal foods, she said it’s not problem. So, that was our first dinner.

Rice + Scrambled-eggs w/ potatoes + Mushrooms w/ onion. 


The 1st Breakfast

Honestly, we didn’t have breakfast. It’s all because we left the lodging very early in the morning, around 4.30 am, for sunrise jeep session around Mui Ne… to white sand dunes, red sand dunes, fishing village, and fairy stream. It’s over around 10 am, and we asked to be dropped off at Mui Ne market. After looking around the traditional market, we took rest at small stalls outside, and we bought:

Sugarcane water (from small stall outside) + Sweet snacks filled with jam (from inside of market) + Cakue & Odading (from mobile stall/gerobak outside).

Collage 1

Well, i’m sure my Indonesian fellas will be confused now that the snacks i mentioned above are all Indonesian snacks. But, that really happened, guys. And the seller is not even Indonesian people! People around market mostly can’t speak English so i can’t really ask what are the name for the snacks in Vietnamese.

Sugarcane water = Air Tebu in Indonesia. The sweet snacks stuffed with jam also familiar in Indonesia (anyone knows the name?). And then, what are those cakue & odading doing there??

Do all of these snacks are adopted from Indonesia, brought by Indonesian people living in Mui Ne? Or, are they from China? Both Indonesia and Vietnam are affected by China’s culture at some points though. Or, do they really are traditional Vietnam snacks with their own names? I have no idea.

Seller of cakue and odading on his moving stall (= gerobak, in Indonesia)

The 1st Lunch

On the afternoon, we took a stroll along the road, with ocean view on our right. We passed several seafood stall, not sure which one we should enter for lunch. But then finally we chose one, which facing the ocean quite nearly. We searched from the menu the one that we want and on our budget, so… we chose the grilled prawn. Alas, it was unexpected. First, we waited for soooo long… the seller didn’t say a word (probably because they don’t speak English though), but we are left by ourself do not know what to do. Not too mention that they then looking for rice from other stalls! Why they didn’t just say they don’t have it? Second, when the food finally came, it looked like this :

Rice + Grilled prawn with green sauce.


What… is… this…? The look wasn’t promising. What about the taste? Even worse. So, the prawns were grilled without any additional butter/margarine/sauce/herb/anything! Just plain, with burnt taste! And the green sauce? I seriously don’t know what it is. Something taste similar with wasabi from sushi japanese restaurant, i’d guess?? Err… it was super random. With the same amount of money we can get delicious and fulfilling amount of foods at Ho Chi Minh City!

The 2nd Dinner

The dissapointment at lunch kind of traumatic for us. Letalone, we need to safe the money for Da Lat trip few days ahead. Though, we still trying to figure out something from take away menu from some restaurants near to the house from Julia. But, we can’t be certain about the halal of the foods. They are all western restaurants, serving alcohol, etc. There is one of this kebab place, though. I thought maybe it’s from middle east so it’s most likely to be halal. But, we thought that kebab won’t be enough for our hungry stomach. Finally, we decided to cook by ourselves at Julia’s kitchen, with the available ingredients and limited spices. Though Julia allowed us to use whatever on her fridge, just maybe the spices aren’t varied enough for our Indonesia tongue, hehe. That night we ate :

Rice + Scrambled eggs & veggies + Stir-fried veggies.


The 2nd Breakfast 

We left for Da Lat at 7 am. Julia helped us to call the bus counter at the night before so we just have to wait to be picked up in front of the house. We didn’t eat breakfast again. Julia packed us some pumpkin seeds to be brought as snacks on the road. Very thoughtful she is… 🙂 It was the first time we taste pumpkin seeds, honestly. Not that delish, but not too bad though. It is crunchy, sometimes a bit bitter. At least it’s healthy and can fulfill the stomach though 🙂


Well, that’s all our tough food adventure at Mui Ne.

See our more fulfilling food adventure at Da Lat here.

And, wait for our heavenly food adventure at Ho Chi Minh City because i haven’t wrote it yet. Maybe after this.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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