2017 Blog Summary


As i ever stated, i’ll make statistic summary about countries that my blog reach on 2017. Well, i was a lil’ bit busy at the end of the year, so… while it’s still 2018 early, i’ll do it now. It’s for nothing, just make me excited. Now it’s my blog that reach these countries, who knows, one day it’s my feet that’ll step there! insyaAllah. Also, when i get bored/stuck/lazy in writing, knowing that my blog reach that far away people, it’s kind of energized me. Knowing that little thing i did here are read by people from all over the world (and hopefully it’s useful!)


Some countries, i never expected because it’s really unpredictable! Say, Serbia, Romania, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Ireland, Oman, Croatia, Jordan, Bostwana, Mauritius, Chile, Finland,… i can’t stop typing the list, lol. I’m very glad these people stopping by on my blog, because many of these exotic countries are on my travel wish from so long!

Jordan for its giant craved-cave home (as traces of civilization of Prophet Shalih, on my belief). Romania for the dracula legendary. Czech Republic, Slovenia for exotic far away places. Croatia for beautiful beaches. Ireland for amazing scenery. Finland for Aurora Borealis. Etc, etc. I can go on endlessly here! Well, i am listing a lot of countries since elementary school, lol. From interesting book i read, from stories i heard, from what i watched, and else. Yes, I am that geek you probably met at school library, lol. I even wrote some novels, when in junior high school, with Finland as the setting (tram, etc), also story about a kingdom in Peru (Titicaca lake and else) mixed with Russian culture like Mausoleum (so random, lol). Well, none of those ever finished though. Teenagers, lol!

Visual Summary

So, here i present my 2017 blog statistic! For an instant visual, look at the highligted countries on world map on my first picture above.

Statistik summary

I’ll start with Asia, as i come from this continent. Indonesia is the top list, as expected. Followed by Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, India & Philipines. The rest can be seen on the pie-chart.

2. Asia

Top list on Europe continent are : Germany, United Kingdom, Norway, France, Belgium & Netherlands. The rest can be seen on the pie-chart.

1. Eropa

Top list on America continent are : USA, Canada, Mexico. The rest can be seen on the pie-chart.

3. Amrik

Top list on Africa continent are : United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Algeria & South Africa, Egypt & Chille. The rest can be seen on the pie-chart.

4. afrika

Top list on Australia continent are the Australia itself. Followed by New Zealand.

5. australia

Goodbye 2017! It’s been an exciting adventure. Though, because a lot of work at office, my post numbers are decreasing gradually from mid-year to december. I still owe this blog the unpublished stories about my travel all around my hometown country, Indonesia. Also, my first snow experience at Japan – Hokkaido on winter (hey, i’m the equatorial-line resident!). And, the upcoming Cambodia bioluminiscent plankton experience, hopefully. insyaAllah.


Well, see you all guys on 2018 adventure! I’ll try to make better contents on this blog so it can be more useful and worth to stopping by. Also, more posts and more stories, of course.

Finally, we wish you a meaningful travel experience. Salam! 

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