Tahula Fort : Spain’s Remnant on Tidore Island of Indonesia and Its Stunning Ocean View

Tahula Fort is one of Spain's remnant in Indonesia from 16th century. Located on Soa Sio village, this fort is not far from Kedaton Tidore (= Sultan's Palace) and city center. From the entrance, you need to climb around 123 steepy steps to reach the fort. The view from top is worth it. In many places you'll see this kind of view from exclusive & expensive resort, while here you can enjoy it for free! From up above, you can see Soa Sio Cape, Soa Sio main road, and Halmahera Island across the ocean. Pssst, sunset view from this place also beautiful! Whenever solar eclipse happen around the region, this spot always become nice viewing-spot for researchers. 

Staying Overnight at Japanese Onsen (Hot Spring)

Onsen is part of Japanese culture. If you're fans of anime, manga, even korean drama you'll be familiar with this place. It can also be called public bath/hot spring. It is nowhere outside of Japan (and South Korea). Japanese people visit Onsen regularly for relaxation after exhausting day at work. Also at the time when they need short-stay while staying at hotel is a waste of money. Well, it’s not a regular public bath. The facilities inside are amazing. It’s all worth the money. What it's like?

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