[Are They Related?] Explanation

Do you ever meet a coincidence where a place name is similar with another place? They’re even miles and oceansss away!

Where that name come from?
Are they having certain connections?
Are they having something in common or what?
Then why the name is same! No internet in our ancestor era!
Are their culture even similar?
Are the places looks alike
Is it just happened randomly?

Are they related?

Those are all my common reactions when knowing something is the same with what i’ve known before from somewhere else.

So, that’s why i start making these kind of topics, in effort to list those kind of similar things that i’ve ever met, also to know more about it by checking on some related sources.

Well, i’ll mark writings obout this topic by using [Are They Related?] keyword on the title, followed by the name of discussed thing itself. You can find them all under WORMHOLE Menu on the top of the blog.

See you then!

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