Easy Steps to Start Your First Cactus Terrarium (Mini Garden)

It’s no secret that gardening is such relaxing thing to do. You have to try it at least once, it’s addictive! 🙂 If you want a tough plant to start with, try cactus. This pricky flora have an amazing survival rate. It can live on extreme weather condition, either extra hot or extra cold, as long as it’s quite arid. Even on rather humid conditions, it can evolve and form various species of succulents, a series of cactus-evolved plant.

Cactus family is so varied, they have many unique shapes, and vibrant-colored showy flowers. They look good when planted alone on individual vase, but also pretty when arranged with other cactus/succulent species.

On this post, I’ll talk more about cactus arrangement to make terrarium or mini garden.

Materials :

  • cactus variations (i used flowery-leaves types)
  • vase (i used bird cage)
  • small rocks
  • dried moss / active carbon
  • mesh cloth (optional)
  • cactus medium (mixture of sand, husk, and manure)
  • decorations (gravels, colored sands, figures, etc)

Tools :

  • spoon, to pick soils
  • chopstick, to cleanse difficult narrow areas
  • straw, to blow dirt excess from leaves and hidden areas

Easy Quick Steps to Start With :

  1. Arrange small rocks on the bottom of vase, to make good drainage on whole ecosystem.
  2. Spread dried moss or active carbon on spaces between rocks, to absorb water excess from soils.
  3. Put mesh cloth as base layer, to put soils in place. Since I used bird cage with a lot of holes, I put mesh cloth on side rounds too. Put a little gravel above cloth to make it a bit heavy, so it’s not moving anywhere.
  4. Spread cactus medium evenly. No need to press it too much, loose soil is better for water drainage.
  5. Pick cactus of your choice, loosen the soils around its root carefully, put it into vase. Make a small hole with finger beforehand so it’ll be easier to plant.
  6. Repeat step number 5 until you satisfied with the cactus variations. It’s better to make arrangement with odd numbers of plants, such as 3, 5, 7, and so on. Why? It’s like that on nature, hence making our terrarium looks more natural and prettier.
  7. Put cactus medium once more to cover the roots.
  8. Add some decorations. You can put colored sands or gravels, creating multi-colored nuances, spice things up with figures, animals, waterfall, etc.
  9. It’s now ready to be displayed!

Final Looks

Here is the display of my cactus terrarium on bird cage. I used 3 variants of flowery-leaves succulents and spice things up with vine-type cactus.

I also made tutorial video here :
Only 10 minutes video to show how the beauty is made from the scratch…
a lot of pretty visuals too!

Dare to start your own cactus terrarium / mini garden? 🙂
Please share your result here!
Or, do not hesitate to let me know if you already have one!

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