Painting Murals and Setting Up Cactus Corner on Space Under Stairs

Space under stairs inside of a house can be utilized to be various of things. It can be used as storage to keep broom, another equipments, also a horizontal cupboard. It can also be used as reading corner with little comfy sofa, and so on. In Harry Potter series, it’s even used as Harry’s bedroom, though he didn’t really like it.

Another story if the stairs is outside, and the space under it isn’t empty a.k.a cemented. Most often, this corner void is ignored, left with usual white paint. And since it’s outdoor, it is exposed with heat and rain. In a long time, it will be dull and rumpled if not being cared well.

Well, it’s actually can be utilized to set up garden corner with specific theme of your choice. This time, I’ll use it as my cactus sanctuary. To spice things up, I add mural paintings with desert theme to brighten it up. The bright color can be used to cover the possible growing-moss too.

My little corner is perfect for cactus since it receives a lot of sunshine, but in the same time doesn’t get wet from pouring rain because of shading from roof above. Perfect for uncertain tropical weather condition here in Indonesia.

Tools : Brushes
You can use 2 brushes, big one to cover wide areas, and small one to paint narrow areas. But this time I’m too lazy, and choose one medium size brush only so I can use it for everything. Plus, the color contamination from previous brush stroke will create even more varied color to the wall. I want to make easy free style painting this time.

Materials : Wall paints
I used yellow, white, brown, red, and green. Choose dark shade of red, brown, and green, so it can be easily mixed with yellow or white to make various shade of brighter colors.

Quick Steps :

  1. First of all, before everything else, wipe wall from dirt and any possible wipe-able things.
  2. Cover your worn wall with white paint so covering any possible moss or fracture.
  3. Now, we’re ready to paint! I started with word first, as I’ll name this space with Cactus Corner. You can use pencil to make outline if you’re not confident about the lettering.
  4. Then, I continued making desert-like abstract scenery. Here you can mix everything as you please, and apply it to the wall as you like. That’s why using one medium size brush can be fun here.
  5. Be creative, be fun. That’s the point of this activity afterall. Enjoy yourself! 🙂
  6. Set up pots or racks of your cactus and arrange it as you wish.

Final Looks

I also made tutorial video here :
Only 3 minutes, you can see how to make it from the beginning until finish. Hope you enjoy it, and find it useful!

Also, don’t hesitate to share below if you too have murals, or gardening tips, or experience about cactus plants! 🙂

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