[Merangin] Beneath The Rainbow on Segerincing Waterfall

This 70 metres height waterfall located in Jambi Province of Indonesia. It is on Merangin Regency, the village of Dusun Tuo. Like its name, the village is said to be the oldest village around Merangin. Merangin itself lays on Masurai Valley, which is on the feet of Mount Masurai. (see map)

Reaching this place is not easy. First, you have to go to Muaro Bungo airport from Indonesia capital city, Jakarta. Then, get a car to pass this route:
Muaro Bungo Airport(94 km, 2hrs)Bangko city(91km, 2hrs30min)Merangin Regency.

uThe road condition untill Bangko city is asphalted and straight, that’s why it’s faster though the kilometres is more. The road from Bangko city to Merangin Regency is asphalted too, but the road is very windy, so be prepare to get motion sickness. And then after you arrived at Dusun Tuo, things become more challenging because the road is rocky, not asphalted anymore. To reach Segerincing waterfall, it is rocky and uphill, so you better take 4 wheel vehicles.

From last point where car can be parked, you have to climb down the stairs with 45 degree angle. Luckily it’s concreted already.

DSCN0221 edit

After that, you need to climb down another series of concrete stairs. It is quite steep, with 75 degree angle. As it’s become nearer to the bottom of waterfall, it gets more slippery because overgrown by moss. Visitor have to be careful. Sorry I don’t have the pic because too busy holding on to something so I didn’t fall.

At the bottom, surrounding view is beautiful. Cliffs and green forest are everywhere, absorbing all of the sounds from above, creating a nice sound echos of waterfall alone.

DSCN0249 edit
DSCN0247 edit1

Waterfall rainbow is seen often in this place. The height and heavy flow create a lot of water splashes, even until radius of 50 metres. Moreover there are a lot of stones on the river, so those splashes create pretty hazes all around. On the right angle and adequate amount of sunrays, this condition will create beautiful rainbow on waterfall.

Technically, if you’re looking at waterfall rainbow, the sun must be behind you. The rainbow will take form of circular arc around anti-solar point and at an anglar range of 40° to 42°.

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