Jeju’s Transportation in Autumn

We strongly suggest you to buy Transportation Card (T-money) to go around Jeju. Paying bus/taxi with cash is acceptable, but paying with card will cost you less (the fare is cheaper rather than paying with cash). Moreover, it will be more convenient to just tap to the machine everytime you enter and exit bus, rather than taking out money from your purse in hassle. Buying T-money not needing special effort. You can buy it from convenience store all over the city such as GS25, CU, 7-Eleven, Ministop, Buy The Way, etc. It can also be purchased from ticket vending and card reload devices inside subway stations. I don’t know if the latter is applicable in Jeju, which is not as metropolitan as Seoul. The convenience store is the easiest way, I think.

When arriving, we wanted to purchase our card in airport. But, we only saw 1 convenience store there, 7-Eleven. It’s on departure hall, so we need to take escalator from arrival gate. The store is small, moreover they don’t sell T-money card for first-time user. They suggested us to buy from 4th floor. We got confused since we didn’t see any more floor (lol), and we were in a hurry because we have to catch bus to Seogwipo city. Sooo, we decided to just take the bus and pay it with cash for this time.
Jeju airport – Seogwipo city @5,500 KRW
We arrived in Seogwipo at night around 7 pm. After checking-in, we tried to buy T-money from CU store near from our guesthouse. The young lady said she can’t do it. She got confused. We got confused. Oh my. Is it because she can’t understand english? Or can’t we buy from CU? Tomorrow morning on breakfast, we asked the guesthouse owner. “Yes, you can buy from CU near here,” she said, “It’s better to use T-money rather than paying with cash.”
So, we tried again at the same CU last night, hoping the cashier is different person. We’re lucky, it is different young girl. She spoke English more fluently, and she sold the T-money to us. Huuffftt, finally. Not knowing how much to recharge the card, I remembered reading a blog before going to Jeju, so I refered to that amount in the blog.
T-money card : @3,000 KRW (can’t be refunded)
Recharge of T-money : @30,000 KRW (can be refunded if not used)
Note : Each card can only be used by 1 people.

Honestly, we don’t know the bus fare for each destination, nor tracking it, since it’ll be very troublesome (but it’s around 1,500-3,000 KRW for each destination). I’ll just tell you our route, and our excess of money on last day.

Note: It’s very likely the halte where you get on/off the bus is still far from your place/destination, so you have to walk before or after. Guide for routes below: The italic font at first and last on every line describe the place we’re from and our destination place. Default font describe the (nearest) halte’s name.

(inn) Saetgijong Park — Play Kpop (yeomiji botanical garden)
Jungmun Tourism Complex Entrance — Hallim Park (hallim park)
(hallim) Hallim Park — Namseong Village Entrance (inn)
(inn) Maeil Olle Market Exit 7 — Seongsan Ilchulbong Entrance (seongsan il.)
(seongsan il.)
Seongsan Ilchulbong Entrance — Maeil Olle Market Exit 7 (inn)
(inn) Saetgijong Park — Jeju ICC — Eorimok Entrance (halla-san)

Yeongsil GateJeju ICC (by taxi, because we can’t catch the last bus to Seogwipo. We paid cash 20,000 KRW, but can also be paid using T-money)

(halfway) Jeju ICC — Worldcup Stadium Entrance (GS25, halfway rest)
(halfway) Worldcup Stadium Entrance — Saetgijong Park (inn)
(inn) Saetgijong Park — Halla General Hospital — Jeju Bus Terminal (new inn)
(jeju bus terminal) Jeju City Tour Bus — Jeju Airport (halfway, @3,000 KRW)

Jeju Airport — Baghdad Restaurant (by taxi, because bus route is complicated. Also, we want to have luxurious trip at least once, lol. Plus, our body still aching from hiking on halla-san yesterday. We paid cash 8,000 KRW, but can also be paid using T-money)

Baghdad Restaurant — Jeju Bus Terminal (new inn) (by walking. Quite far, but on our last night in Jeju we wanted to have a good night walk. We walked slowly, while having chitchat, sometimes sat for a while on halte/convenience store open space, lol. Kinda like a date 😉

(new inn) Jeju Bus Terminal — Jeju Airport (departure gate)

We came early so check-in counter haven’t opened yet. We sat on waiting area of international departure gate. There is 7-Eleven convenience store nearby. The small one that I told don’t sell T-money card for first time user when we first arrived, remember? We asked if they can do refund on unused money on T-money card. They can’t. Then we asked if they accept payment of snacks/drinks using T-money. Luckily they did. So, they don’t sell new card, can’t do refund, but do recharging and payment.

We checked with the machine.
Amount of money left on last day : @8,000 KRW
So, the amount of transportation money spent with T-money card (exclude cash because of special circumstance) for 5 days = @22,000 KRW

On my last 8,000 KRW, I bought these:
– Madagascar VanillaBean Latte
– Seaweed Crisps (overbaked)
– Kimchi 100 g
– Cookies & Cream Almond
– Ghana Almond Chocolate
I added coin 200 KRW when paying.

On my husband last 8,000 KRW, he bought these:
– Premium Caffe Latte
– Kitkat Green Tea
– Ghana Milk Chocolate (2 pcs), free 1 pc of Ghana Dark Chocolate
– Mentos (should be 1,000 KRW, but he got discount. Only paid 700 KRW, as that was the amount left on his card)

Sorry, he only captured this one, lol

We finally got zero balance on our card. Ready to depart!

Note: While refund option is available, you should seek more information about it. From our experience, that isn’t an easy effort. We asked 3 different convenience stores (CU in Seogwipo, GS25 in Jeju, 7-Eleven in airport) and they (coincidentally) were all attended by old people as clerk… so… they all said the money can’t be refunded. Though, I read on instruction book when buying the card that the money can be refunded on those convenience stores.

Are there any special requirements for refunding on convenience stores? Are the procedures long and difficult? Or, maybe our fail refund just because language barrier with old people who can’t understand English well? We have no idea. Please comment below if you know something about it!

– Take bus route guide all over jeju at Tourist Information desk on airport when you arrive. But, some buses run in Seogwipo not listed there. Maybe you need to take Seogwipo bus guide in Seogwipo Terminal Bus. We didn’t go there because apparently our itinerary didn’t need passing there.
– On desperation (lol), Google Maps choice of route and bus quite helpful.
– Most buses operated until 9 pm. Some buses have longer closing hour, they are called late-night buses, on yellow lines.
– Beware, some buses have early last hour, one example is bus from yeongsil trail (Mt. Halla) to seogwipo, which only available until 4.30 pm. But, Yeongsil – Jeju city still available until late at night.
– I still have the bus route guide I took from airport. I’ll try to upload later.

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