Cactus Products of Jeju

I’m kind of obsessed with cactus. I can’t decide how much, but…. the amount is enough to make me excitingly ‘spying’ on products made of cactus wherever & whenever I have a chance.

I didn’t know that Jeju is habitat for enormous colony of cacti. Do you? They’re all naturally grown on volcanic ground of Jeju. How is that even possible? Well, it is being said that in the past, the ocean currents carried prickly pear cactus seeds all the way from Mexico to the west shore of the island. Yes, the west side of Jeju island is where cactus colony all spreading. (psst, the scenic wind turbine coastal road also on the west side of Jeju)

Due to their enormous amount, cactus colony also being grown on botanical gardens all around Jeju, and being cared to their maximal potential, until they reach the giant size just like their habitat in Mexico and surroundings. I’ll talk about that later on our post about Yeomiji Botanical Garden and Hallim Park.

On this post, I’ll write about variety of cosmetics & foods made with Jeju local cactus and its fruit (baeknyeoncho). Cactus plant is rich in vitamins and minerals, and is considered to have medicinal properties, such as being the anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, reducing cholesterol, and many others. You can check some here: Why Are Prickly Pears Good For You

So, here’s the list of Jeju’s cactus products I met on the way. I bought some, but many didn’t, because I have luggage weight consideration. Honestly, I took their photos secretly from various shops to compensate my regret of not buying it T_T

New product of infamous NatRep brand: Cactus soothing gel 92%
Cactus face mask
Everything cactus: Body cleanser, Body lotion, Whitening cream, Watery night cream, Face foam cleanser, Water face mask pack, Soothing gel cream
Cactus tea, Cactus juice, Cactus Soap
Cactus candy, Cactus jelly
Jeju Cactus Chocolate
Cactus Vitamin
Cactus powder for everything

– Jeju Mayu is a thing too here. Various products made of it. Mayu = horse. So, basically it is the refined horse oil, widely used for skin as anti-aging treatment.
– Camellia products also a thing, as camellia flower is abundant in Jeju. There is also a place called Camellia Hill, which is a tourist spot on winter as they bloom on that season. Various cosmetics made of it too.

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