Korean Street Food: Cuttlefish Bread and Hallabong Ice Cream

We tried some street foods when going to Seongsan Ilchulbong, one of UNESCO World Heritage. Our post about it is yet to come. So, meanwhile you can refer to this one if you want to know more: Seongsan Ilchulbong

The street before entrance gate is filled with various street foods. After climbing down, and getting out from the entrance gate, we felt exhausted and tried to find some place to rest. We got hungry too. And it’s drizzling. Actually, light rain has started since we’re still in the middle of the peak.

Stall of cuttlefish bread

You can see the ingredients and the price of the snack on picture above.

Stall of Hallabong ice cream. It is next to cuttlefish bread stall.
The cooking of cuttlefish bread.

Can you spot Jeju Hallabong from afar? It is citrus hybrid from some types, producing fruit that is seedless and sweet like mandarin orange. Hallabong is very famous in the whole nation of South Korea. It’s only being cultivated in the land of Jeju.

Long string of mozarella cheese inside the bread.

The taste of Cuttlefish Bread is the combination of sweet and savory. Eating while it’s hot, on rainy day, is perfect. The taste of Hallabong Ice Cream is sour and sweet. It’s really made from natural hallabong fruit, as we saw the seller made a lot of concentrated juice and keep it on freezer. You can still see the orange pulpy on the ice cream.

Enjoy the snacks! 🙂

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