Painting Murals and Setting Up Cactus Corner on Space Under Stairs

Space under stairs outside can be utilized to be various of things. Most often, this corner void is ignored, left with usual white paint. Exposed with heat and rain in a long time, it will be dull and rumpled if not being cared well. This time, I'll use it as my cactus sanctuary. To spice things up, I add mural paintings with desert theme to brighten it up. The bright color can be used to cover the possible growing-moss too.

Easy Steps to Start Your First Cactus Terrarium (Mini Garden)

It's no secret that gardening is such relaxing thing to do. If you want a tough plant to start with, try cactus. This pricky flora have an amazing survival rate. They look good when planted alone on individual vase, but also pretty when arranged with other cactus to make terrarium or mini garden.

Peruvian Apple Cactus “Queen of The Night” on Its First Bloom

Who'd guess, this simple-looked cactus produce spectacular white flower with diameter of 10-20 cm. Here's more magical part, they only bloom at night (nocturnal flower) and only remain open for one night! When opened, they'll emit mild sweet fragrant that'll fill the night. All those majestic features make people named it Queen of The Night.

2018 Blog Summary

Well, it's 2019 already. Let's take a look at who we've met through this blog last year! On 2018, PBJ has been visited by visitors from 72 countries. Number of visitors are 2,139. And, number of views are 3,095. Which countries are they?

[Kafe Panda] Explanation

One day, husband jokingly refers our kitchen as kafe panda (= panda's cafe) to describe how our kitchen operates : sometimes busy, sometimes quiet; in line with my mood, lol.

Cactus Garden

I like cactus because of their unique appearance. Through their spikey texture, sometimes a beautiful flower blooming in vivid colors; things that you won't expected at first glance. So, i start my own cactus mini garden at home.

2017 Blog Summary

As i ever stated, i'll make statistic summary about countries that my blog reach on 2017. Some countries, i never expected because it's really unpredictable! Say, Serbia, Romania, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Ireland, Oman, Croatia, Jordan, Bostwana, Mauritius, Chile, Finland,... i can't stop typing the list, lol. I'm very glad these people stopping by on my blog, because many of these exotic countries are on my travel wish from so long! 

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