Belitong Island : The Hidden Paradise

Bangka & Belitung (BaBel) Island is one of the newest province in Indonesia. It's a part of Palembang before city expansion. The location is on east coast of Sumatera Island. It lays between Gaspar Strait and Karimata Strait. Now that these islands have their own government, they are divided into several districts / regencies (= Kabupaten, in... Continue Reading →


Stalking Dolphins at Kiluan Bay, Lampung

Lampung is a province in Indonesia; the southest on Sumatera island. The Kiluan Bay (Teluk Kiluan, in Indonesia language) itself located on the tip of the province. The place is rather isolated, it's quite a lo~~ng journey. As i lived in Bandung city, which is located on Java island, i have to cross Sunda straits to reach Sumatera island... Continue Reading →

Mediterranean Taste at Bandung City, Indonesia

So, one day we decided to try a Mediterranean restaurant called Gaza around our house in Indonesia. Full address : 72 Pahlawan Street, Bandung - Indonesia. Phone : +6222-7219361 (we aren't paid for advertising whatsoever) This place is quite well-known by foreigner/tourist who want to taste Middle-East foods in Bandung. When we were there, a lot of... Continue Reading →

Photo Challenge : Mystical

Photo was taken at the shore of Falajawa Beach, Ternate island - North Moluccas of  Indonesia on 2015. That brief moment of mystical grey and blue after a sudden rain on one afternoon. ***   via Daily Prompt: Mystical

Photo was taken on sunrise at Falajawa beach, Ternate island - North Moluccas of Indonesia on 2015. Equipped with patience and endurance, Anticipation can bring beautiful thing. *** via Daily Prompt : Anticipation

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Thousand Islands of Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. It's full of traffics, crowds, and many unpleasant things about metropolitan city. But, a lil' bit far away, still under the governance of Jakarta province, there is a place called Thousand Islands Regency (Kabupaten Kepulauan Seribu). Like its name, the regency consist of many islands, all serves calmer... Continue Reading →

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