[IDN Southern Seas] Pantai Siung: Green Moss, Black Limestones, and White Sand

Pantai Siung is one of hidden beach that is located in remote area, that's why not many people come there. The beach relatively short, but forming an arch form, around 300 - 400 metres. The arch shape makes it beautiful, letalone with all of variations exposed there; big limestones, hills, white sand, and green moss.

Vermillion Sky

Dusk has coming. The sky was painted in orange, sweep by sweep, thicker on each after. Vermillion sky lit up the night, as if fire burning the horizon. Only, this one is much more pretty. 

I stood outside of my second floor, mesmerized by the moment.

Mediterranean Taste at Bandung City, Indonesia

So, one day we decided to try a Mediterranean restaurant called Gaza around our house in Indonesia. Full address : 72 Pahlawan Street, Bandung - Indonesia. Phone : +6222-7219361 (we aren't paid for advertising whatsoever) This place is quite well-known by foreigner/tourist who want to taste Middle-East foods in Bandung. When we were there, a lot of... Continue Reading →

Thousand Islands of Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. It's full of traffics, crowds, and many unpleasant things about metropolitan city. But, a lil' bit far away, still under the governance of Jakarta province, there is a place called Thousand Islands Regency (Kabupaten Kepulauan Seribu). Like its name, the regency consist of many islands, all serves calmer... Continue Reading →

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