[Souvenir] From Paris with love

On my birthday this year, i got special gift from a friend who are now in Paris. She is one of my close friend from highschool. We start living in different city since the second semester of our college time. She came back to our hometown (where the highschool is), and took her medical degree... Continue Reading →

[Souvenir] Pebble-like Chocolates from Singapore

The taste is different with standard chocolate. Probably it’s because the premium cocoa beans from Ghana, the finest milk powder from New Zealand, and manufacturing technologies from Austria like they stated? The unique visual can be used to play your relatives for fun. Serve them some of these rocks in a glass on the table with tea, they’ll get confused thinking that you give them aquarium stones!

[Souvenir] Beauty Kit From Korea

I never thought that beauty mask can be used as souvenir. But now that I think about it, yeah, that's possible. Especially, if there are lot of unique variants available, like what you'll see often in Japan and Korea. I got two beauty masks above from one of my close friend who go travelling to South Korea; they're... Continue Reading →

[Souvenir] Pol-vo-ron, Shortbread from Philippines

We got these delicious snacks from my sister who came back home after finishing her student exchange program in Philippines. Polvoron is Philippine's shortbread cookies, that was derived from Spain culture. Yes, Philipines is one of Spain's colonies, together with other Latin America countries. In Spain itself Polvoron was originally introduced by Arabs when they lead a... Continue Reading →

[Souvenir] Turkish Delight a.k.a Loqum

Turkish Delight (TD) is traditional dessert from Turkiye. We got the dessert as a gift from relative who come back from that country. The variant we got is : Cifte Kavrulmus Duble Fistikli Lokum Double Roasted Pistachio Rich Turkish Delight Locals called TD as Loqum. The shape is dice-like, with glutinous texture like jelly. The taste is sweet... Continue Reading →

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