Indonesia, The Beautiful Hometown

Indonesia, with over 18,000 counted islands, is by far the largest and most varied archipelago on Earth.  (

Indonesia is consist of five big islands and many small islands :

  1. Sumatera Island
  2. Java Island
  3. Kalimantan (Borneo) Island
  4. Sulawesi (Celebes) Island
  5. Papua Island
  6. Another small islands, such as : Maluku (Moluccas), Halmahera, and many more.

Each island consist of many provinces. Each province has their own culture and their own language. Now you see why literatures say Indonesia is one of the most varies archipelago on Earth.

Seas, mountains, lakes, rivers, highlands, lowlands, rainforests, savanas, waterfalls, caves, dunes, ancient things, everything is here. Also, consider about floras and faunas, some are endemic and rare. And of course the nice tropical air!

It’s no wonder that some people say, “God create Indonesia while smiling happily”.

Under this Indonesia page, we will share our travel story around our beautiful homecountry. Go travel here some times!


PS. Due to some works, I haven’t finished writing about all the places we visited yet. You can follow our blog to keep on knowing the recent updates. Who knows, some places may be your next travel destination!

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