[Souvenir] Turkish Delight a.k.a Loqum

Turkish Delight (TD) is traditional dessert from Turkiye. We got the dessert as a gift from relative who come back from that country. The variant we got is : Cifte Kavrulmus Duble Fistikli Lokum Double Roasted Pistachio Rich Turkish Delight Locals called TD as Loqum. The shape is dice-like, with glutinous texture like jelly. The taste is sweet... Continue Reading →


Halal Foods @ Da Lat, Vietnam

There aren't many halal restaurants in Da Lat. We found one by searching through Google, the name is Hoa Sen. Google said that it serves Vegan and Vegetarian Cuisine (vegan thing is safer for us than merely just vegetarian). Moreover, we found that the restaurant is reviewed good by many people on Trip Advisor and become... Continue Reading →

Photo Challenge : Shadow

Photo was taken at Doi Hong (Red Sand Dunes), Mui Ne, Vietnam on 2016. It was a sunny day; we were holding each other hand on this strange new land. *** There is an old saying : "Don't depend too much on anyone in this world because even your own shadow leaves you when you... Continue Reading →

Photo Challenge : Solitude

Photo was taken at Doi Cat Trang (White Sand Dunes), Mui Ne, Vietnam on 2016.  It was a gentle morning. *** As much as I like having many friends, I also like being in solitude. Hanging around with myself, spending time with my own thoughts, having conversation with myself, contemplating; they nourished the soul. I... Continue Reading →

Stalking Dolphins at Kiluan Bay, Lampung

Lampung is a province in Indonesia; the southest on Sumatera island. The Kiluan Bay (Teluk Kiluan, in Indonesia language) itself located on the tip of the province. The place is rather isolated, it's quite a lo~~ng journey. As i lived in Bandung city, which is located on Java island, i have to cross Sunda straits to reach Sumatera island... Continue Reading →

Da Lat Flower Park in Full Bloom

We were in Da Lat on September. At that time, the flowers were in full bloom. Well, actually in southeast Asia countries, the blooming season not that difficult to wait. Mostly, weather on this region only divided into two; summer and rainy. After buying tickets at the front counter, we excitingly explore the area. The... Continue Reading →

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