Strolling Around Otaru Canal on Winter Day

In past days, Otaru Canal plays an important rule in Hokkaido. The canal was completed in 1923. In 1986, one side of canal was restored and the other side was turned into land. The land were used as walking street and garden --it remains 'till today. Warehouses were transformed into museums, shops, and restaurants --it became tourist attractions today.

Coin Locker, Key to Easy Travelling in Japan

Coin lockers is probably one of Japan system (or culture) that i love the most when travelling. It is a locker, which come in various size, that you can rent for certain period of time. It can be found in and around the transportation mass system such as railway stations, bus terminals, airports, also in underground passages.

Staying Overnight at Japanese Onsen (Hot Spring)

Onsen is part of Japanese culture. If you're fans of anime, manga, even korean drama you'll be familiar with this place. It can also be called public bath/hot spring. It is nowhere outside of Japan (and South Korea).

Japanese people visit Onsen regularly for relaxation after exhausting day at work. Also at the time when they need short-stay while staying at hotel is a waste of money.

Well, it’s not a regular public bath. The facilities inside are amazing. It’s all worth the money. What it's like?

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