Cactus Products of Jeju

Do you know that Jeju is habitat for enormous colony of cacti? They're all naturally grown on Jeju volcanic soil. On this post, I'll write about variety of cosmetics & foods made from Jeju local cactus and its fruit.

Jeju’s Transportation in Autumn

We strongly suggest you to buy Transportation Card (T-money) to go around Jeju. Paying bus/taxi with cash is acceptable, but paying with card will cost you less (the fare is cheaper rather than paying with cash). Moreover, it will be more convenient to just tap to the machine everytime you enter and exit bus, rather than taking out money from your purse in hassle.

2018 Blog Summary

Well, it's 2019 already. Let's take a look at who we've met through this blog last year! On 2018, PBJ has been visited by visitors from 72 countries. Number of visitors are 2,139. And, number of views are 3,095. Which countries are they?

Coin Locker, Key to Easy Travelling in Japan

Coin lockers is probably one of Japan system (or culture) that i love the most when travelling. It is a locker, which come in various size, that you can rent for certain period of time. It can be found in and around the transportation mass system such as railway stations, bus terminals, airports, also in underground passages.

[Merangin] Flora’s Secret

While doing my assigned professional job, i've been secretly took photos of flowers and other plantations (and more!) that catched my eyes. When doing my job, i have to visit forests (some are deep & untouched), lakes, rivers, mountains, hills, and remote places, so... i think letting go of what i "catched" outside of my job's routine into waste is such a pity. Too many precious things... 🙂

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